Arris max pro AX11000 router is stated as the fastest WiFi router for Nighthawk App commercial and non-commercial use. The in-built signal boosters amplify the incoming signals from the source and boost it to throw at far as possible with strong signal strength. This is a type of WiFi router that could be used to resolve internet speed and signal strength issues in the household environment. Their antenna emits a powerful frequency that could penetrate reinforced concrete.  Arris max pro router allows you to stream 4k video, VR experience, and online gaming on multiple devices. Arris’s own surfboard Max Arris router app makes the setup process more convenient for users.

How to setup Arris Max Pro Ax1100 router?

The most constructive way is to setup Ax1100 using a mobile app called surfboard. You can download it from Google Play Store or Apple app store according to your device compatibility. If you have already downloaded the app then make sure it is correlated with the latest version. Otherwise, you might issue while setup up the Arris Max Pro Ax1100 router

Arris AX11000 Router Setup
Arris AX11000 Router Setup

Steps to setup MAX Pro Ax1100 by using a mobile app:

Step 1. The first step after installing the app is to create a Surfboard Max account. If you already have one then just log in with the same old credentials.

Step 2. If you need to create a new account then provide a valid email address and your username in the create account option through the app.

Step 3. Now you need to confirm the entered information and do yes to continue further.

Step 4. Now you will receive the verification one-time password at Download Nighthawk App for Computer your provided email address. Please enter the received code within 1 minute. Otherwise, the page will be a timeout and you have again go through the same process.

Step 5. Once done with the app, now move on to the Max Pro Ax1100 router itself. Unbox the Arris router and make every accessory handy.

Step 6. Unplug the current modem and connect it with the Max Pro router through Ethernet cable.

Step 7. Now power on both devices and open the installed app.

Step 8. When you search for nearby Max Pro Ax1100 routers your app will detect it automatically.

Step 9. Once detected the Max router than tap on it to register into the system’s firmware.

Step 10. Now you are connected and MAx Pro Ax1100 is ready to use.

I have shared all the vital information to help you with the Arris Max Pro Ax1100 setup if you still have any questions or need help with some steps or want to chat with a technician to set up it. Then you need to provide your details in the chatbox on the bottom right side of this page. Bookmark this website to stay tuned with the latest updates and offers on Arris routers.